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Dune – Official Trailer

In 2020 I had the chance to be the recording assistant for the trailer of the movie “Dune” at the Synchron Stage Vienna.

El Amir – Andalucía

In 2019 I edited, mixed and mastered the album „Andalucía“ by Amir John Haddad – El Amir together with Gerald Hartwagner.


In 2019 I have been asked by Juan García Herreros aka. Snow Owl to join the Totem Warriors Collective as head of sound design and represent the Game Audio department as a referee for the WKO Austria at the GamesCom 2019 in Cologne.

In the course of this project I programmed and sound designed the game Rise of the Totem Warriors together with the collective.

The game was presented at the GamesCom and was played by numerous visitors of the fair.

The Innkeeper

In 2018 I was responsible for the music and the sound design of the video game „The Innkeeper“ that has made its way to Steam in 2019.

Schiller’s Antwort

Schillers Antwort is an experimental shortfilm dedicated to the poem „Die Pest – Eine Phantasie“ by Friedrich Schiller. All the sounds are self recorded and self designed. A self written Max MSP Patch has created the VFX by analysing and interpreting the Audio-tracks. This has been a collective project by Lukas Zeiler, Maximilian Tretler and me.

DIY – 4D Audio Project

The 4D Audio DIY project is based on the idea of enabling multiple, virtual and manipulable acoustic fields in real space.
The advantage compared to an Atmos system, for example, is that the so-called „sweet spot“ of the recipients is obsolete and the entire room can be used to its full acoustic potential. Spatiality is not only created digitally by volume differences and panoramic effects, but also by the movement of the listeners in real space.
In addition, the recipients also have the possibility to move out of the sound field and perceive it as a distant sound source. This effect is enhanced above all by the omni-directional radiation behaviour of the modified loudspeakers.
The project should offer audio specialists the possibility to discover new ways of spatiality and to use them creatively in a broader sense.

The Medium Is The Message

I was responsible for the Sound Design of this short movie.

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