Thommy Rocket

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Ingo Steinbach

I played Piano on this Austropop music track by the studio owner, producer, narrator and composer Ingo Steinbach.

Double Bass Synergy

I have been 1 of 4 musicians for this fun double bass based commercial.

//Sound Escape

The basic idea of the game is to move through its history by means of the notes of self-composed video game music. The player is shown muscial notes visualized by the path he or she should follow and is supposed to play it with a MIDI keyboard. If the player hits the notes correctly, the protagonists move forward along the timeline. If the music is not played correctly, the character moves in the opposite direction. The game should not only be entertaining, but above all, provide a musical learning factor by becoming familiar with musical modes.


A self- written 3D audio (Ambisonics) radio play that was created as binaural stereo and as a multichannel format file. (Project is currently running)


A young warrior (gender is not revealed to provide a gender-equal immersive experience) wakes up in a rainforest. After a short time, a divine-sounding voice explains to the protagonist where he/she is and what is in store for him/her. Very quickly it becomes clear what it is all about. The protagonist is a chosen warrior who has to walk the path of the 4 elements to save the dying guardian of the forest and thus its inhabitants from destruction. For this purpose, the elements earth, water, wind and fire are presented as acoustic scenarios and landscapes through which the protagonist is led until he/she reaches the end and becomes a true warrior.


Jam on a rooftop

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