Thomas Maislinger

I am an austrian-based sound designer/producer/musician/composer/audio-engineer and have worked on a variety of multi cultural audio/video based as well as video game projects over the last couple of years. My plans for the future are to continuously improve my knowledge and skills in the world of audio. Meaning not only diving deep into the upcoming technical developments, but also to enhance composing and song writing techniques.

school Academic Achievements
  • MA at HAW Hamburg (work in progress)
  • Dipl. Ing. at FH St. Pölten (work in progress)
    • Master thesis: Spatial Audio in Game Engine Environments – The importance of early reflections for an in-game audio experience
  • Professor at SAE Vienna (Game Audio)
  • Masterclass (recording & mixing) with Rafa Sardina 
          at Estudio Uno (Madrid) in 2019
  • BSc. at FH St. Pölten
    • Bachelor thesis: Live drums vs. MIDI based drum replacement – Is there still an audible difference for laywomen/men ?
    • Research thesis: Music in Games – How non-linear music composing differs from linear music composing
work Work Experiences
  • Producer at ORF
  • Head of Sound Design at Totem Warriors Collective
  • FOH Kunstmue Festival
  • Music / Film- and Gameaudioprojects
    • Composing
    • Arranging
    • Recording-engineer
    • Foley-engineer
    • Mixing-engineer
    • Mastering-engineer
    • Implementing dynamic Gameaudio
  • Steinhof Musikproduktion (Internship)
  • Civil Service
    • Proyécto Fundación Don Bosco (Ambato, Ecuador)
favorite Additional
  • Global Music Award Silver Medalist (Mixing)
  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Recording Assistant)
  • Pro Tools Certificate
  • WWISE Certificates
  • Languages
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Driver’s License (A/B)
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